Notices and Activity Reports

Went to Fukuda Clinic (Shimane) to give a lecture on transplantation

I went to a gut flora transplant lecture.

On Wednesday, August 1, Shimane, Japan.Fukuda Internal Medicine ClinicI gave a lecture on transplantation at It took about one hour from Izumo Airport by bus and cab. Fukuda Clinic is located in a quiet residential area. Dr. Fukuda has been very interested in intestinal flora transplantation for some time. At a symposium of the Japanese Society of Preemptive Clinical Medicine held on Awaji Island in June of this year, Dr. Fukuda, the executive director of our research groupLuke’s Ashiya Clinic The presentation by Director Shirotani on “Intestinal Flora Transplantation” was the catalyst for our study group’sMedical facilities where transplants can be performedWe are pleased to announce that we will be working as a

Lecture on transplantation was given.

During the transplant lecture, Dr. Fukuda himself received an intestinal flora transplant. Dr. Fukuda said, “The fact that this is a transplant that the doctor himself is undergoing makes the patient feel at ease. The nurses listened very attentively to the transplantation procedure together with the patient. They also appreciated the fact that the intravenous method requires no pre-treatment and is less burdensome for the patient. Afterwards, they also understood about the system that enables information sharing, such as holding regular study sessions, with medical institutions that provide transplants throughout Japan. t was a very encouraging and gratifying time for us to know that we can help create a system where patients can receive intestinal flora transplantation as a new medical treatment with peace of mind.

▼ Lecture by Dr. Fukuda (left: Dr. Fukuda, right: Dr. Shimizu, Symbiosis Institute)


The poster of our study group was also immediately displayed (leftmost).

▼ With Dr. Fukuda (Left: Shimizu, Symbiosis Institute; Right: Dr. Fukuda)

For intestinal flora transplantation in Shimane, Japan,Fukuda Internal Medicine ClinicPlease contact us for more information. Thank you, Dr. Fukuda and staff! ▶Medical institutions that can perform transplants nationwide arethis way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)From. ▶To contact our institute, please contactthis way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)from (e.g. time, place, numerical quantity)

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