[Event] Intestinal Environment Seminar “Forest, Sea and Intestinal Bacteria” (Sponsored by Luke’s Ashiya Clinic) .

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A seminar titled “Forest, Sea, and Intestinal Bacteria” will be held on November 27 (Sat.) under the auspices of ” Luke’s Ashiya Clinic,” a transplant medical institution of our study group.

Shin Shimizu, Senior Researcher at Symbiosis, will be joining us!

Date and Time

Saturday, November 27, 2021, 1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.



【Onsite venue information】
Ashiya Civic Hall: 8-24 Narihira-cho, Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
*Venue is subject to change
*Please note that childcare is not provided
*Please wear a mask to prevent infection
*If you have symptoms such as fever, you may be denied admission.

How to apply

Please apply from the following site.

Registration is now closed


Lecture Contents

Part 1 (1:00 p.m. – ): Lecturer: Dr. Masami Koike
The ocean and the intestines: Bacteria that create the history of life

Part 2 (from 2:00 p.m.): Lecturer: Dr. Risa Kirimura
Forest and Gut: Planetary Health from the “Soil

Part 3 (from 3:00 p.m.): Lecturers: Dr. Makoto Shimizu + Dr. Hitomi Shirotani
Mystery of Intestinal Bacteria: Brain-Gut Correlation in Autism”

Part 4 (15:50~): Lecturer: Dr. Masahiko Shirotani
Gut and Health – Restoring the Japanese Tumen (Hara)

Symposium (16:40-) “The Forest, the Sea and Intestinal Bacteria

*Contents are subject to change.

Lecturer Profile

Dr. Masami Koike:He is a physician and a specially certified supervisor of the Society of Clinical Molecular Nutritional Medicine. Graduated from Tokai University School of Medicine. Specialized in Oriental medicine by the Japanese Society of Oriental Medicine. Board Certified Radiologist, Japan Radiological Society. Board Certified Mammography Reader for Health Examinations. Member of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine.

In addition to providing outpatient nutritional care, he is the chief instructor of a practical course and gives performances throughout Japan, drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese medicine. His live lectures, in which he uses data to accurately and unequivocally determine personality and dietary habits, are very popular.

Dr. Risa Kirimura:He is a board certified internist and certified industrial physician, and the president of tenrai, Inc. He has extensive clinical experience in preventive medicine, lifestyle-related diseases, and end-of-life care based on the latest molecular integrative nutrition, biological medicine, and intestinal flora research in the clinical field. He redefines the meaning of health care based on life sciences, endogenous bacteriology, consciousness science, humanities, and the latest mathematical science, and disseminates the latest health care and wellness information through various media, including “planetary health care,” which realizes the health of people and the entire planet based on insights into food, agriculture, and environmental issues. He is the author of several books, including “Gut and Forest. His major publications include “Growing Gut and Forest ‘Soil’ – Microorganisms Make Healthy People and Health” (Kobunsha Shinsho).
Makoto Shimizu:He is a senior researcher (bacteriologist), clinical laboratory technician, and clinical engineer at Symbiosis Laboratories, Inc. As a clinical laboratory technician for 30 years, he has been fascinated by the intestinal bacteria and engaged in research on their clinical applications. He is the developer of Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB) technology and fecal transplantation utilizing NanoGAS®.
Dr. Hitomi Shirotani:She is a clinical psychologist and a licensed psychologist. After working as an international flight attendant for Japan Airlines, she studied international relations and psychology at graduate school, and became a licensed clinical psychologist in 2005. She is a mother of two boys and a girl.
Dr. Masahiko Shirotani:Dr. Kohara is the director of Luke’s Ashiya Clinic. Dr. Kurokawa graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 1995, and is a board-certified gastroenterologist, gastrointestinal endoscopist, and board-certified physician in internal medicine. After working in the Department of Internal Medicine at Kobe University Hospital, the Department of Pathology at Kyoto University Hospital, and the Chief of Gastroenterology at Hyogo Prefectural Tsukaguchi Hospital, he has been in his current position since 2016. In 2017, he started treatment using intestinal flora transplantation (fecal transplantation). He is the executive director of the Intestinal Flora Transplant Clinical Research Association.


Upcoming Events

<From Luke’s Ashiya Clinic>
Recently, the term “intestinal activity” has become popular in the mass media, and many of you may be aware of the importance of regulating the intestinal environment for good health, although you may not know the details.
However, is taking fermented foods and supplements such as lactobacilli really the true “intestinal activity”?

Some of you may have experienced the Corona disaster since last year and have realized once again that your health is not completed by yourself alone, but depends greatly on your surrounding environment.
We believe that true health is not something that can be completed only within oneself, but can only be realized when one is in harmony with one’s surrounding environment, including human relationships. And it is becoming clear that what organically links all these elements together are microorganisms such as intestinal bacteria and bacteria living in the soil.
Of course, the intestinal bacteria that are the focus of intestinal activity are an important environmental factor called the intestinal environment, and the soil in which the food we eat is grown is also an environmental factor that greatly influences our health.

In this seminar, we hope that you will learn about the relationship between the intestinal bacteria, which play a major role in our health, and the forests and oceans that surround us. We hope that you will realize the importance of harmony with our environment, both inside and outside ourselves, from the perspective of molecular nutrition and “planetary health,” which considers the health of the entire planet. The subtitle is also “~Microorganisms through Planetary Health”. The subtitle of the exhibition is “Reconnecting People with the Environment through Microorganisms.

The lecturer, Dr. Masami Koike, has a wide range of knowledge in the fields of radiological diagnosis and oriental medicine, as well as in the world of molecular nutrition, where her keen insight and data analysis skills have contributed to the optimum health of many people. She has recently become addicted to sea fishing, and will be speaking on the theme of the relationship between the evolution of life and bacteria.

Based on her extensive experience as a physician, Dr. Risa Kirimura redefines the meaning of health care based on life sciences, endogenous bacteriology, consciousness science, humanities, and the latest mathematical science, and provides the latest information on health care and wellness through various media, including “planetary health care,” which realizes health for people and the entire planet based on insights into food, agriculture, and environmental issues. He also provides the latest health care and wellness information through a variety of media.

Dr. Makoto Shimizu, based on his many years of experience in researching intestinal bacteria, has recognized the importance of reconnecting with microorganisms, including intestinal bacteria, for our health, and was one of the first to develop “intestinal flora transplantation,” a form of health care that utilizes microorganisms. In this presentation, he will explain the changes in the intestinal flora and the mysterious power of intestinal bacteria when intestinal flora transplantation is used to treat autism spectrum disorder.

Our clinical psychologist, Hitomi Shirotani, will also add her commentary on the psychological changes that occur.
I will be speaking in the last session.

Recent research has shown that intestinal bacteria are also deeply related to our intuition. In other words, the “hara” that Japanese people have been aware of since ancient times is thought to be deeply related to the function of intestinal bacteria. I myself have had various health problems as a result of living a life that is far removed from the “hara” (the heart). I would like to talk about the importance of “hara” in my own way, based on my experience of illness and what I have realized as a doctor. This may be a bit of a maniacal gathering, but I hope it will reach those who are looking for a talk on this kind of topic. Please join us.


Registration is now closed


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