Intestinal flora transplantation and case studies

The 4th Annual Meeting – Case Reports [Irritable Bowel Syndrome] Part 2

We are pleased to report another case report presented at the 4th Annual Conference.

Dr. Yuichi Kawai, Executive Director (President, Yua-Kai Medical Corporation, Director, Cute Internal Medicine Clinic)
Post-transplant progress report on a case of irritable bowel syndrome that showed improvement with UB-FMT

Irritable bowel syndrome” has the largest number of cases in our study group.
It is a disease that is increasing at an accelerating rate, especially among young people. Although it is rarely fatal, many people suffer from repeated abdominal pain and sudden bowel movements.

In his presentation, Dr. Kawai reported on the long-term progress of a patient who underwent intestinal flora transplantation and has maintained a state of remission for a long period of time after further lifestyle modification.

★Click here to view Dr. Kawai’s video.

Dr. Kawai also focuses on nutritional aspects and places great importance on listening carefully to each patient’s words.
He was appointed to the Board of Directors at this year’s Annual Meeting, and we look forward to his continued success in the future.

Dr. Kawai’s internet TV program “Dr. Kawai’s Preventive New Therapy Room” provides a variety of information on how to prevent illness by improving natural healing power. For more information, please click here.

The three years since the study group was established have made it possible for us to follow the long-term progress of those who have been transplanted.
I felt how happy they were to be able to live their lives, forgetting about their stomachs.

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