Case reports

Case reports

February 05, 2021constipationGrace Medical Clinic

A man in his 40s with constipation disorder – Intestinal flora: a case study

Case presentation: Male in his 40s, constipation (under observation) summary He had been suffering from constipation for a long time. 10 years ago, he had dental work done, and his constipation became a little better. After a while, her symptoms gradually worsened, and the constipation worsened after the earthquake. An endoscopy at another hospital diagnosed […]

January 24, 2020autonomic ataxiaconstipationMedical Corporation Haruna ClinicOther Diseases

Constipation, dysautonomia, and other illnesses -Fecal microbiota transplantation case report of a woman in her 30s

Case presentation: Female in her 30s, constipation, dysautonomia, other illnesses (under follow-up) summary She has been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries due to irregular menstrual periods. Due to stress and other factors, her cravings for sweets increased and she began to gain weight. She was careful with her diet and once her weight improved, but around […]

December 17, 2019constipationMedical Corporation Sakura Shinkai Sante Clinic

Constipation Syndrome, Female in her 50s -Fecal microflora transplant case report

Case presentation: Female in her 50s (Chinese nationality), constipation (under observation) summary In August of this year, he visited our outpatient clinic for improvement of constipation symptoms. After conducting an intestinal flora balance test, 6 transplants were performed based on twice-daily transplants. During the transplantation, there was a slight improvement in constipation symptoms, but diarrhea […]