Notices and Activity Reports

On October 19 (Sat.), a public study session was held by our study group.

On Saturday, October 19, 2019, an open study session was held by the officers and members of our study group.
At this monthly study session, case reports and basic research on intestinal flora are presented. The meeting is a place for clinicians to study and learn about intestinal flora transplantation as a new medical treatment for many people with confidence.

In the first part, Dr. Shinzo Waku, Director of Waku Clinic, a regular member, introduced his activities in Tamba City. He introduced “Zawawa College,” which was founded by Dr. Waku and represented by Dr. Hirofumi Sato, Director of Sato Skin Clinic, also a regular member. The “Zawawa College” is a health and community medical course for citizens, which was established more than ten years ago when the pediatrics department of the Kashiwabara Prefectural Hospital was in a critical condition, and consists of not only medical professionals but also council members, general citizens, former prefectural officials, and local newspaper reporters. The 108th lecture will be held on November 2!

And in the second part, we were joined by companies that support our institute. The day was also a great success.
Dr. Masahiko Shirotani, Director of Luke’s Ashiya Clinic and Executive Director of the study group, gave a seminar, which was followed by a lively discussion among the doctors and participants.

With your continued support, we will continue to advance our research on a daily basis.

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