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Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Disorders in a Female in her 40s – Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Case Report

Case presentation Female in her 40s, autistic spectrum disorder, other disorders


Anxiety and other symptoms disappeared after the first transplant.

Basic Information

Patients : Woman in her 40s
Attending physician : Natural Art Clinic
Medical institution in charge of transplantation : Natural Art Clinic

Information at the time of initial medical examination

Disease name : Autism Spectrum Disorders, Other Disorders
At onset : Since as far back as I can remember. Diagnosed in 2016.
Transplant Purpose: To Improvement of symptoms such as irritability, tantrums, tiredness, diarrhea, gas, etc.
Skin problems (including atopic dermatitis), constitutional improvement
Chief complaint :
Although I was diagnosed only as an adult, I have always had elements of social anxiety disorder since childhood. I feel fear and anxiety about everything I don’t understand and get extremely nervous when I go out in public.
Medications being taken :
Medical history :
Background, family history, lifestyle, supplement use, etc :

Transplant Information

Transplantation period: from July 16, 2021 – August 17, 2021
Number of transplants : 6 times
Change from first transplant to end of transplant :

【1st transplantation questionnaire】
My physical condition has not changed. Her stomach is not bad, but her stools are always loose.
Dietary guidance was also given.
(1) Drink at least 2 liters of water, (2) consume soluble fiber and root vegetables, (3) no glycene, and (4) no casein.

【2nd transplantation questionnaire】
After the transplant, I felt less anxious and fidgety.
Before, when she tried to work, she used to produce anxious substances, but they disappeared and she was able to start work more easily.
No change in sleep quality.
There was a positive change in her mental health, so we will continue to monitor changes.

【3rd transplantation questionnaire】
The diarrhea was getting better.
Mental condition is also calming down.
She is consciously taking root vegetables such as carrots, onions, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes.
Last time, there was abdominal bloating for about 2 hours after transplant.
There are many positive changes, and we will continue to monitor her progress.

【4th transplantation questionnaire】
Feeling good physically. Mental stability.
Soft stools used to occur 3-4 times a day, but decreased to 1-2 times a day, and now basically normal stools.

【5th transplantation questionnaire】
I had the best feeling at the first time. I felt good after that.
Mental and bowel movements stable.
I have a feeling of stomach acidity around 2 hours after taking protein in the morning. No hunger.
Will be adding a banana to breakfast to help with serotonin.

【6th transplantation questionnaire】
I’m feeling good.
Mental and bowel movements are both good. Sleep is good.
Diet has changed a lot since the transplant.
(Increased root vegetables and no longer consuming wheat. Started adding 2/3 brown rice to white rice. Oatmeal is consumed occasionally).

【Questionnaire at the 2 month post-inspection】
I’m feeling good.
I feel that the results are quite good, with the target balance of bacteria almost reached.
I will pay attention to my diet and continue to monitor the progress.

Intestinal flora balance Comparative data

Blood test changes : Not implemented
CHANGE IN POMS2 SCORE : Not implemented
His/her experience (from the questionnaire) :

Evaluation and Discussion

Transplant Evaluation : Clear improvement of symptoms
Adverse events: No Nothing
Changes after completion of transplant :
Anxiety disappeared after the first transplant. Stools also improved.
Felt the best after the first transplant, but maintained good condition after that.
No longer anxious or irritable.
Her diet has also changed significantly from before the transplant.
Transplant General Comments and Discussion :
As mentioned above, the effects were felt from after the first transplant.
Anxiety decreased, and subsequently, impatience and irritability also disappeared. Normalization of stools also normalized.

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